Conceptualized and developed with Kay Gho.

There are times when self-study just doesn't cut it. When you're're stuck and you need help or a new perspective. You might be able to post a question on a forum or call a friend, but these solutions tend to be slow and keep you from making immediate forward progress. StudyBuddy is an exploration of how different real-time collaboration models might make studying more enjoyable and productive.

Envisioned as a tablet application, students would be able to collaborate on time-intensive, process-oriented problems like those found in algebra, chemistry, and physics classes. As a team, we've focused on designing balanced tutoring interactions involving strong and weak students, and have developed a model for encouraging stronger students to take the lead in helping their weaker counterparts. We believe StudyBuddy might be used for both in-class work sessions as well as a tool for students struggling with homework assignments and in need of extra motivation and support.

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