The AdHope Project
Created with Kay Gho for the ChallengeSlavery competition.

Everyday individual Internet users are exposed to hundreds of ads while browsing the web. Even if individual browsers do not pay attention to ads, we know that in aggregate, users do click on them, or, at least, archive some of the information subconsciously (known as an advertisement impression). We can therefore estimate that tens of billions of ads are being rendered and viewed in web browsers all around the globe. We propose harnessing just a portion of these impressions to spread the word about trafficked persons. We know that these people are often times transported across state and country borders, making it terribly difficult to generate leads and solve cases. But, this is where the powers of the web can shine.


By developing a technological intervention to substitute certain advertisements with information related to trafficked persons as well as companies producing goods through slave labor. This can be accomplished along a two-tiered plan to spread awareness and increase the probability of returning more trafficked persons to safety.


Part 1: Build upon technologies like AdBlockPlus and Add-Art to create a browser extension which can replace advertisements completely with trafficking information. This plugin could be installed on public computers worldwide (schools, libraries, hospital, airports, and free-access computers provided by NGOs)

Part 2: Collaborate with companies which both produce and distribute advertisements to utilize 1% of their ad space for displaying photos of trafficked persons and blacklisted companies/products.

The AdHope Project from alexabreu on Vimeo.